About Julian Rogers

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The purpose of this site is to describe some of the projects I have been working on. They are mostly connected with electronics (particularly Arduino based), (old) cars and DIY generally. Some are finished but many are on-going! Some work well but some have problems which need to be resolved. Hopefully, there will be something here of interest and, perhaps, even helpful to your project.

Arduino & RPI-ish projects

Central heating programmer

RPi camera with pan/tilt

Control by VCN

Feather controller

Port expander

Windscreen wiper control

Fuel gauge

Cold start device for Holly carb

Raspberry Pi case & Vesa mount

Greenhouse enviro controller

4-way timer + temp monitoring

Damp meter for plants

TR7 based projects


V8 engine swap

Electric windows

Instrument upgrades

Interior improvements

Headlamp motor improvements

Central locking

Alarm system

Front spoiler

Cold start device

Tow Bar

Cold air intake


Triumph TR7

Rover SD1 Vitesse Twin Plenum

Rover SD1 Mk1

Rover 820 Vitesse Sport

Rover 820 Turbo Coupe

Mercedes E300 Estate

Porsche 914

Renault Avantime

Rover 3500 P6B

My seven Rovers

Quite old cars

4 ways to improve the Rover V8



120 cm satellite dish

Garden projects

Welding trolley

Grinder v. plasma cutter

Making a pergola

Electric fence

Here I bask in the reflected

glory of my talented relatives!

Glass making

Fine Art

Decorative Art


Textile Designs

3D printer projects

Decorative trinket box

Case for Raspberry Pi

Parts for digital pressure gauge

My Balco printer via Aldi






Julian Rogers



Cars of Cuba 1

Cars of Cuba


Solcer house

Old phone project

Old phone new

Julian Rogers' Blog

RPi or Arduino?

Julian Rogers' Blog Pi controller supervisor deveopments Feather IOT controller 1 Improved Headlight Control Central heating TR7 V8 cold air intake

Pi Internet of things controller & picture frame

Adafruit Feather controller

Improved TR7 pop up headlamp controller

Arduino central heating timer with RPi touch screen supervisor

Cold air intake for TR7 V8

Clockwork Mouse Comic

The sad demise of a Clockwork Mouse

Electronics projects TR7 interior upgrades

TR7 interior upgrades

Rover SD1 Twin Plenum Vitesse

Rover SD1 Twin Plenum

Welding Trolley

More projects

TR7 V8

Arduino & Co

Raspberry Pi

Julian Rogers' Blog

Welding trolley


Erbauer brushless drill

What's new

What’s new

Damp-o-meter thingamajig


Greenhouse 1 DIY Cars Cars

Cars - successes & disasters!

3-D Printer

How the 3-port valve works

Three port central heating control valve.

Greenhouse lighting 1

Remote-controlled greenhouse lighting system

Triumph TR7 projects Random Solcer House Pergola construction

Building a pergola

Automatic watering

Greenhouse watering system

3-D printer 2

Lathe rev counter

3D printed personalised trinket bos

3D printed trinket box

Wind direction indicator

Po-Mo electronic weather vane

HAL interface

Just a moment!

Just a moment!

HAL9000 evocation

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Karndean Palio Clic

Karndean floor

New website - gradually upgrading from here to there (& possible back again!)