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Security light operated by an

Adafruit Trinket

Security light by Adafruit Trinket Cold start device Fuel gauge

Car alarm system more Arduinos

Cold start device for Holly carb

Stepper motor control

Fuel gauge

Making a PCB

How to make a PCB

Most electronics projects need a PCB.

New timed security light

Security light with timer

Arduino watchdog timer

Watchdog timer for Arduino

Timer - another variation

(Yet) another Trinket timer

Power supply for Raspberry Pi

Power supply for Raspberry Pi from old laptop batteries

Pi power

Central heating

Central heating control by Arduino

Old phone project Electric windows Electric windows

Electric windows controller

Windscreen wiper motor controller

Feather IOT controller 1

Adafruit Feather IOT controller/ timer

Pi controller supervisor deveopments

Raspberry Pi IOT controller and picture frame.

Door bell 1

WiFi-enabled door bell.

Control by VNC 1

Using VNC to control a Raspberry Pi

Old phone project

A model 332 phone and an Arduino

RaspberryPi security camera

Raspberry Pi security camera

Port expander for Adafruit Feather

Port expander

Useful if you are short of ports!

Why? Why not!

Courtesy of Adafruit Trinket

Greenhouse evironmental control 1.

Enviromental monitoring and control system.

Dampness meter spin off

Damp-o-meter thingamajig

Wind direction indicator

Wind direction indicator

Digital Crookes Radiometer.

Radiometer 1 Pi Cam with Pan & Tilt

Rpi camera with pan and tilt and Adafruit Feather

simple audio mixer

Simple audio mixer.

HAL interface HAL interface

Hal9000 interface evocation using an Adafruit Feather and Musicmaker for the voice!